According to the Insurance Commission of Western Australia’s 2020 Annual Report:

  1. There are 1,606,789 registered cars in Western Australia.
  2. There are 126,343 registered motorcycles.
  3. The Commission received 37,872 crash reports during the year. Most of those related to damage to the vehicles, and not injuries to people.
  4. The Commission paid out nearly $480 million on claims.
  5. On average there are 28 car accidents every day.
  6. The largest number of claims in WA were from the Perth metro area. Within Perth the suburbs where there were the most claims was Stirling, followed by Swan and Wanneroo.
  7. The Insurance Commission has a massive job in Western Australia to compensate the many people who are injured on our roads because of another driver’s negligence. They are a professional and efficient team and do a great job.