The real question is: can I get the same result by doing my claim myself? It is certainly possible in some rare circumstances, but ‘highly unlikely’. A couple of things to remember:

  1. Lawyers work with injury claims every day: they know the law; they have the skills; they know the process; they know what you can claim and what you can’t; they know what evidence you need to get together to maximise the result; they know how to maximise the final settlement. There is little doubt that they are in a better position to get the best outcome for you.
  2. Insurance companies have an obligation to look after their insured client – You are not that person! For example, in car accidents the Insurance Commission of Western Australia insures the negligent driver, the driver that caused the accident, not you. In workers’ compensation claims the insurer looks after your employer. Your claim is to obtain the benefits allowed under the law. While the people who work at insurance companies are lovely people and do a good job, they also need to look after their client. That might not be in your best interest.
  3. Cost: a lot of lawyers who work in this space do the work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. In other words, if your claim does not succeed then the costs to you are very limited. In most cases any cost is more than offset by the much better result that you will get.
  4. The injury Lawyers Perth are very happy to chat to you about your potential claim and will give you honest and frank advise as to whether you should get a lawyer or whether you could do your claim yourself.