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No Win No Fee

What do we mean by No Win No Fee?

This means that you will not get a bill until you get a favourable settlement of your claim.

Will I get a monthly bill?

No. There are no up-front costs in the process. When the time comes to settle your claim, we first send our bill to the insurer and make sure that we recover as much of our costs from the insurance company as possible.

Who pays for medical reports?

  1. Along the process your lawyer will need to pay for things like medical notes, medical reports, expert reports and court fees. These are called ‘disbursements’.
  2. We understand that these reports can often cost thousands of dollars and that most people cannot afford that. We can manage those expenses on your behalf.
  3. In most cases we will arrange for the funding of medical and expert reports that are required to progress your claim. Funding can be arranged through a disbursements funder. We will let you know how that works.

What if I lose my case?

If you lose your case, Lian Hall Injury Law will not bill you for the work done. But you must be aware that if you lose your case, the insurance company lawyers might want to recover their costs from you. Therefore, you should take all claims seriously and discuss costs implications with your lawyer.

What is the difference between “no win no fee” and “contingency fee”?

  1. No win no fee means that you will only be billed if you get your compensation paid.
  2. Contingency fee means that your lawyer takes a percentage of the compensation that you get paid. In Western Australia lawyers are not allowed to charge a contingency fee.

So what does all this mean?

At the start of every case we will discuss your claim and cost issues. We will also provide you with our Cost Agreement which fully sets out all cost implications to avoid discrepancies and problems during the later stages. We will also give you an estimate of the legal costsyou’re likely to bear. We will also give you a 5 day ‘cooling off’ period.

Will i be charged if I make an enquiry about my claim?

No. We are always happy to chat about your options and will not send you a bill just for making an enquiry.

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