From time-to-time clients move to another lawyer. Clients can be unhappy because they feel that their claim does not seem to be going anywhere, or, that their claim is taking too long, or, sometimes clients feel that they cannot get hold of their lawyer or their lawyer never returns their call, or, they simply meet somebody who they get on with and want to move their claim to that new lawyer.

How do I change lawyer?

First have an honest conversation with your existing lawyer about why you are unhappy. Maybe there is something simple that can be done to get your case back on track. Secondly, if you are still keen to move to another lawyer, find another lawyer and let them know that your case is with somebody else and that you want to move. Discuss why you want to move away from that lawyer – your new lawyer may give you the same advice anyway and therefore it may not be in your best interests to move. But if your new lawyer can help you and your case will be better off my moving to somebody new, then your new lawyer will take over and will then take the steps to move your claim over to them. They will ask you to sign an authority to send to your old lawyer telling them to stop all work and send your file to them.

Will my claim have to start all over again?

No. Your new lawyer will get your file from your existing lawyer and simply pick up from where they left off.

What will it cost me to move?

That depends on the Cost Agreement that you have with your existing lawyer. Ask your new lawyer to check your cost agreement and give you advice on the cost implications of moving. However, you should be mindful that your new lawyer may not be able to get your documents from your old lawyer until the costs issues have been sorted out. Therefore, the quicker the legal costs obligations can be sorted out the quicker your claim can get back on track.