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Car accidents

The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (‘ICWA’) manages a fund that pays compensation to people injured in car accidents. It is a condition of any claim that the driver of a registered vehicle caused your injury by their negligent driving. It is important to remember that car accident claims include accidents caused by Uber drivers, Ola drivers, Shofer and other ride share drivers, as well as taxi drivers. You can claim if you are a pedestrian, a cyclist or a passenger in a car. You can also claim if your partner or spouse was driving and caused the accident.If you are wondering whether you have a claim please feel free to call and chat to Lian Hall Injury Lawyers for a no obligation initial chat.

Slip and trips

A simple slip at the supermarket or shopping centre might cause injuries with adverse effects on you and your family. Shops also have a duty to take reasonable care and ensure that you are safe while at their premises. If they breach that duty, by for example failing to have a reasonable system for cleaning up a spill or a dropped item, then you may have the right to claim.

Public liability

Public liability claims cover situations where you are injured because of someone else’s fault. Examples include:

  • Accidents at playgrounds and public parks;
  • Accidents in bars and clubs and entertainment venues;
  • Accidents on boats and water sports;
  • Bicycle accidents that are not caused by a car;
  • Assaults

Dog bite

The Dog Act of 1976 says that the owner of a dog, or a person who can be deemed to be the owner of a dog, can be liable to compensate any person who is bitten by the dog or if the dog causes a person an injury. The Act talks about ‘an attack’, but an attack can be more than a bite. For example, it could be an injury caused when a dog knocks you over or jumps up at you.

Workers compensation

If you are employed and have suffered an injury at work, or, while performing a particular job at work, and if you incur treatment expenses or lost wages as a result of the same, then the Workers Compensation Scheme may be available to compensate you for your losses.

Criminal injuries compensation:

If you are injured as a victim of a crime, and you have no other way of claiming compensation, then you may be able to claim criminal injuries compensation.

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